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It's Empowering!!

Academy Marching Panthers Director, Stejha Meekins, on NSBC:

The Northern Show-Style Band Coalition is such a rich example of musicianship, fellowship, and community! As a youth, I remember not always feeling that I belonged anywhere. I knew I was passionate about music. I knew I loved excelling and being challenged. But there weren't many kids or adults around me who shared that passion, so I felt alone...until I joined a band! I truly found myself and my permission to be exactly who I was through band, and it's EXCITES me to see the Coalition is giving this opportunity to our youth today!!! The fire, the energy, the passion, the adrenaline, and the comradery that exists when we come together is MAGICAL! It's affirming! It's empowering! It's home! This is exactly what we need and exactly the time we need it!

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